Robust and Accurate Conversion

Benefit from robust and accurate conversion capabilities, ensuring high-quality extraction of text content from PDF documents, including support for various languages like Arabic.

Fast Processing

Experience fast processing speeds with our PDF to text converter, enabling quick conversion of PDF files to plain text format without compromising accuracy.

Preservation of Document Structure

Convert PDF files to plain text while preserving document structure and formatting, ensuring readability and usability of the extracted text content.

Convert PDF to Text - Free Plain Text Converter

How to Convert PDF to Text

Step-by-step guide to convert PDF files to Text documents.

  1. Step 1

  2. Launch the PDF to Text tool on PDFEquips.

  1. Step 2

  2. Select the PDF files you want to convert by clicking 'Select PDF Files'.

  1. Step 3
  2. Start the conversion process by clicking 'Convert to Text'.

  1. Step 4
  2. Wait for the conversion to complete.

  1. Step 5
  2. Download the converted Text documents.