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PDFEquips easily combines two or more PDF documents into one file, whether it's a single page or multiple pages, large or small PDF files, all formats are compatible

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Merge PDF Online - Combine PDF Files Free

How to Merge PDFs

Step-by-step guide to merge multiple PDF files into one.

  1. Step 1

  2. Open the PDF merge tool on PDFEquips.

  1. Step 2

  2. Drag and drop PDF files or click the 'Select PDF Files' button to add PDF files.

  1. Step 3
  2. Click and hold a file, move it to the desired location, and release the it.

  1. Step 4
  2. PDF files are merged from top to bottom.

  1. Step 5
  2. To remove a file, click the delete icon on top of the file.

  1. Step 6
  2. To rotate a page, click the rotate icon on top of the page thumbnail and select the desired rotation angle.

  1. Step 7
  2. Once the files are in the desired order and orientation, click the 'Merge' button to combine them into a single PDF file.