Image Extraction

Extract images from PDF documents and convert them to HEIF/HEIC format, preserving image quality and transparency.

High-Quality Conversion

Experience high-quality conversion of PDF files to HEIF/HEIC images, ensuring optimal image clarity and resolution.

Multiple Format Support

Convert your PDF files to HEIF/HEIC format along with other image formats to suit your preferences.

Convert PDF to HEIF/HEIC - Free Online Tool

How to Convert PDF Documents to HEIF/HEIC Images?

Step-by-step guide to convert a PDF document into HEIF or HEIC images.

Step 1

Open the PDF to HEIF/HEIC tool on PDFEquips.

Step 2

Upload or select the PDF file you want to convert.

Step 3

Choose the pages you want to convert to HEIF/HEIC images.

Step 4

Select the desired output format: HEIF or HEIC.

Step 5

Click the "Convert to HEIF/HEIC" button to start the PDF to HEIF/HEIC conversion process.

Step 6

Wait for the conversion process to finish.

Step 7

Download the converted HEIF or HEIC images.