Maintain the integrity of documents

Convert your PDF files to the PDF/A format and make sure that the integrity of the document, including content, structure, and appearance, is preserved

Compliance with Archiving Standards

Ensure compliance with archival standards by converting your PDF documents to the PDF/A format, which is suitable for long-term storage and legal requirements

Long-Term Accessibility and Compatibility

By converting your PDF files to the PDF/A format, you ensure long-term accessibility and compatibility with future software and systems, while minimizing the risk of format obsolescence

Convert PDF to PDF/A - Free Archival Converter

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

Step-by-step guide to convert PDF files to PDF/A format.

  1. Step 1

  2. Access the PDF to PDF/A tool on PDFEquips.

  1. Step 2

  2. Choose the PDF files you want to convert by clicking 'Select PDF Files'.

  1. Step 3
  2. Initiate the conversion process by clicking 'Convert to PDF/A'.

  1. Step 4
  2. Wait for the conversion to be completed.

  1. Step 5
  2. Download the PDF/A converted files.